The High Quality Standards of Stuart Meyer Photography

Most brides and grooms will spend a significant amount of money on their wedding. The most important aspects are likely to be the wedding dress, venue, and catering. But, after the wedding cake is eaten and the guests have gone home, what is left are the wedding photos. For this reason, it's important to consider the quality of wedding photography in your budget. A high quality wedding photographer will have the skills and equipment to document your day with well-composed, pleasing pictures. He or she will be able to adjust to varying light, weather conditions, and location requirements to make the most of the situation.

What type of photographer you need will depend on your personality and outlook. If, in your research, you find that you mostly enjoy pictures with non-traditional, unique points of view and lighting, along with candid photos, then some form of wedding photojournalism is probably in order. If, on the other hand, you mostly enjoy formal, posed images, then a more traditional style might fit your needs. At Stuart Meyer Photography, we capture your wedding with emphasis on the photojournalistic style, yet we mix it with traditional photography to achieve a hybrid look that is artistic, yet fun and natural-looking.

All of this takes skill and practice. Stuart Meyer has taken college photography courses at IUPUI and he hones his photography skills by attending various workshops and seminars, as well as practicing his craft with the best wedding photographers in Indianapolis. He uses top of the line Canon digital cameras with the largest aperture (fastest) professional lenses, and processes his images using the latest software, including Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and its various plugins, and Adobe INDesign. His assistant wedding photographers are equally qualified and some of the best in their craft, having photographed many weddings on their own. Stuart Meyer chooses products that meet his high quality standards, including albums from Zookbinders and prints from White House Custom Colour. As a wedding photographer, his goal is to deliver the highest quality at the best price. If wedding photography of the highest quality is important to you, and you are searching for the best wedding photographer in Indianapolis, then call 317.946.8004 for an appointment with Stuart Meyer and his team of wedding photographers. 

Author: Stuart Meyer