5 Groom Grooming Tips - Stuart Meyer Photography

1) Hair: Shave the morning of your wedding and get a haircut a week beforehand. Get rid of any hair that might cover your eyes. If you have a mustache or beard, trim and groom them. And, trim stray nosehairs that poke out.

2) Skin: Keep it natural.  If you're going to try something fancy, like a facial, make sure to do the last one at least two weeks beforehand in case of an allergic reaction.  This will give it time to heal.

3) Tans: A touch-up tan looks good, but the most common mistake is overdoing it. Over-exposed skin looks fake and does not photograph well. If you are into outdoor activities, use sunscreen - the best tan for wedding photography is when the sun peeks through the sunscreen to increase your natural melanin production.

4) Teeth: Take a look at your teeth and decide if they could use some cleaning. If it's been awhile, now is the time to schedule that cleaning with your dentist so they look their best.

5) Hands and Fingernails: If you've recently done mechanical work, furniture staining, or if you use your hands in manual labor, wash grease or stains off completely with an appropriate stain remover. Same goes for the fingernails. Clip and clean them at least one day before the wedding.

Author: Stuart Meyer