5 Bridal Beauty Tips - Stuart Meyer Photography

1) Skin: Research shows that skin treatment starts with a good diet and exercise. Experts recommend avoiding greasy food, drinking plenty of liquids, and getting regular exercise. For acne, take moderate measures but there is no need to go overboard because your wedding photographer can re-touch acne after taking the photos. For more skin tips, click on Beauty Tips for Brides, Beauty Tips Hub, and Perfect Bridal Beauty Guide.

2) Makeup: Use makeup that doesn't come off with sweat, and avoid experimenting with new products within a week of the wedding. Here are two helpful links on makeup - Bridal Makeup Tips and eHow Creative Bridal Tips.

3) Hair: A beautiful hairdo will make you look glamorous for your wedding pictures. Here are links with sample hairstyles - BridesUSABride, and The Knot.

4) Tans: A touch-up tan can add to a bride's glow, but the most common mistake is overdoing it. Over-exposed skin can look grainy and fake and does not photograph well. The best tan is the healthy glow you get in the summer with sunscreen - there's always a bit of sun that peeks through the sunscreen to increase your natural melanin production.

5) Facials: Facials should be scheduled about six months before the wedding, with the last facial no closer than two weeks before the wedding. Avoid last minute facials because they can leave the skin blotchy and red.

Author: Stuart Meyer